Introducing the sleek new PMW3

PMW machines are manufactured to the highest standards in the vending machine industry. Our energy efficient machine uses Brita water filtration and a proprietary protein formula to dispense fresh, chilled, 12oz protein shakes on the go.In addition to superior sales profits, you can further increase your ROI with paid advertising and promotions directly on the machine’s color display screen.

Cutting-edge Features


Our sleek, modern machine enhances any space with its stylized design and modern touchscreen panel, offering customers and employees healthy, convenient protein on-the-go.


Made with the highest quality RoHS and WEEE-compliant materials, the PMW3 is robust, efficient, and easy-to-clean. The front is made from high impact, resistance-tempered glass which stays new-looking longer than conventional fronts and the brilliant touchscreen display attracts new and repeat purchases.


The new PMW3 boasts an A+ energy efficiency rating. The LED-based lighting system and new Eco Mode significantly reduce power consumption, achieving energy (and cost) savings of up to 50%.

Touchscreen display

Incorporate digital signage, advertising, and product promotions using the vibrant touchscreen display.

Brilliantly designed

Significant advances in design and materials make the new PMW3 easier to stock, clean and maintain, significantly cutting down on the time operators need to take your machine offline.

The PMW3 uses high-end water filters, an efficient chilling system, and now features a boiler to ensure critical sanitation standards for the mixing bowls and rubber lines.

Protein My Way Shakes


Smooth vanilla flavor packed with protein and nutrients to keep you going. The perfect way to satisfy those creamy-cravings and for those spill-prone, white shirt days.


So deep and rich you’ll almost forget it’s good for you. Finally, something your inner chocolate lover and health nut can both agree on!